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Yahoo Site Explorer Gets a Much Needed Makeover

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Way back in September of 2005 Yahoo introduced Site Explorer to us happy little webmasters. Over the years Yahoo has made little improvements including Dynamic URL Rewriting back in 2007.

Today Yahoo introduced a new look & feel for Site Explorer. They mention that it is much more than a simple re-skinning of the layout, but a restructuring of the tool to make it easier/more seamless for new additions/changes to be applied to the tool over time – perhaps alluding to more good things to come.

What does Yahoo’s new Site Explorer look like?

Here are a few screen shots of the newest Site Explorer in action. You’ll notice that it’s basically all the same great tools, simply with a new look & feel.

A look at the My Sites interface in the newly redesigned Site Explorer…

A look at Site Explorer’s new Site Authentication interface…

Site Explorer newly skinned indexed pages interface…

and last, but not least – inbound links …

So what does the Yahoo Site Explorer redesign mean to you?

Right now there’s not a whole lot of difference in the functionality of the Site Explorer dashboard itself (apart from visual effects & general layout) – however, in addition to this change in the dashboards appearance, Yahoo announced changes to their Dynamic URL Rewrites rules – effectively expanding their rules/options from the original 3, to a nice round 10!

So That’s definately worth a look (expect to see a post from me on that pretty soon ;)

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  • Monday August 03rd, 2009
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    It’s about time for the Yahoo! Site Explorer to be upgraded with a new look and feel to it. After all, isn’t online dominance getting tougher each day with new layouts sported by different search engines and directories?

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