1. Hey Aaron, (Thanks for visiting/commenting)

    While it does show class & ID names, it doesn’t appear to parse inline style declarations.

    If you’re running the Firebug extension (which I highly recommend, it’s another rockin’ add-on) getting that next level of info is just a click away.

    I mean, X-Ray doesn’t take the place of those more robust tools, but I really dig being able to see the HTML tags ‘inline’ with the actual page structure.

  2. Sweet – I checked out Aardvark briefly before, I like the way you can use set keystrokes to take out elements or color them on the fly – and how you can call up the source code of an individual element (& nested elements)

    I’m no master coder by far, but between X-Ray, Firebug and Aardvark I’m able to fix most of what I break :P

  3. That’s totally the kind of X-Ray I was thinking of when I created this. :)

    If you like X-Ray, the updated companion extension ‘Professor X’ will be available very soon. That lets you see into the ‘HEAD’ of the web page. Heh.

    My latest post..Twitterbook v3 Now Available

  4. looking forward to that one too – I used to love the MetaTags sidebar add-on – it’s pretty cool, it automatically grabs the meta content and displays it, nice & neat in a sidebar.

    The output can be highlighted/copied/pasted – which was cool because I used it when I would do an initial overview of a sites optimization, or when I was reviewing a clients implementation of my recommendations.

    I would just copy the discrepancies into an excel – I hate typing :P

    So looking forward to the updated Professor X too – heh

  5. Nice find. I was pretty sure that you could already do this with the Web Developer extension but if that’s the case, I can’t see how. Just grabbed it.

  6. Just a note – another Firefox add-on from the same author (Stuart Robertson) has been updated for Firefox – Professor X is another great add-on, I’ll post more about it soon, just wanted to drop the word.

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