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Tossing Keyword Remix Into The Mix

I just love finding new, intelligent SEO tools and getting to share them with other SEOers who are passionate about their efforts. Of course not every tool that we discover can find it’s way into our ‘favorite tools’ list. Some lack the versatility to be applicable across multiple client sites, others are way too slow to use very often and several are simply too confusing or cumbersome to win a place in our favorites.

Sometimes a tool is introduced and like a seedling, takes time to grow and develop into a serious workhorse tool with the real, scalable usability that gains it a slot in professional SEOer’s toolbelts.


After a few brief exercises with the free Keyword Remix keyword analysis tool, I’m hoping this is amongst the latter. [singlepic=139,100,,,]To be fair the tool is in it’s infancy, having been introduced in early December 2007, but it’s already off to a fantastic start. It’s not a source for direct static keyword search volume information, rather it provides a nice roll-up of the rankings landscape for keyphrases that are entered including suggesting related phrases, populating Google trending information for the phrase, and listing top 10 rankings sites (Google & Yahoo) as well as top Google Images, Google News & Google Blog results.

Researchers can dig deeper with-in any of these elements. Most SEOers are pretty familiar with Google Trends, so I won’t belabor the more obvious points of how the trending information can benefit strategy, but will note that Keyword Remix populates the basic Google Trends trending information and provides quick links for digging deeper.


You must click the PR icon to populate the PageRank of each site, an excellent idea since many tools fail to realize the issues avid tool users face when they are smacked by Google for excessive pinging (IE Excessive pinging from a single IP can cause you to temporarily lose access viewing to cached pages, seeing PR in your toolbar and even errors when attempting to search Google results).


By selecting the ( i ) icon beside each listed site researchers can analyse the domain further to gather information including the sites PageRank, Google backlinks, other phrases the site ranks highly for and their Google SERP position for those phrases – great for taking a deeper look at what your competitors are doing.


In the additional results (images, video, news, blogs) you can hover over the blue image icon to see a thumbnail of the resulting listing (image & video) and expand the listings to see more than the 3-5 results listed.


Check out the Keyword Remix blog latest news & information.

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  • Saturday March 07th, 2009
    Seo Explode

    hi, nice site very informative and healpful. keep up the good work

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  • Wednesday May 06th, 2009
    Tennessee SEO

    This tool provides a nice roll-up of the rankings landscape for keyphrases that are entered including suggesting related phrases

  • Tuesday June 09th, 2009

    the link for “Keyword Remix keyword analysis tool” is no longer working…any other ideas for good KW analysis tools?

  • Monday July 06th, 2009
    Website Copywriting

    Is there an update for this tool? I like the SERP functionality. Also, the features look like it would be a good place to start before using SpyFu

  • Monday July 27th, 2009

    love this tool. Though I’m kinda drowning in keyword tools right now :P

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