1. Very Good list of plugins. Anyone with a blog should be incorporating some of these.

  2. Thanks for the comments guys! It seems I’m a bit of a plugin-a-holic :) I hope they come in handy for you!

    I’ve updated the list today with the new NEXGEN photo gallery plugin (with companion sidebar widget). The Picasa one is still great, but the NEXGEN plugin is brilliant!! Perfect for what I was looking for – a plugin to equip my WordPress blog with a fully integrated photo gallery system.

  3. Hi, Sorry about the slow reply, I just got back from holidays. But thanks for the comment on my site. Your list is great too :)

  4. @Jacob
    Thanks for checking it out and for the comments :)

    I’ve added a few more and found alternative for a few others since the orginal post just a few weeks ago.

    Namely RSS-Footer (Joost de Valk), DoFollow(a more direct alterantive to Lucy’s round-about plugin) and Enchanced-Contact-Form which is already a hit with several of my friends ;)

    For those trolling around looking for more great plugins check out Jacobs post – “WordPress Plugins You Must Have” – Where he has listed a number of great plugins – some of which I’m checking out and may end up using myself.

  5. Great resource. Many thanks. I’m building a WordPress.org site, and these are just the job.

  6. Awesome! Glad this helped!

    These are all great plugins, but be sure to check out similar posts from other WordPress bloggers – you’re likely to find a few more plugins perfectly suited for your WordPress project.

    I know everytime I check out these kinds of posts I end up finding something else I like.

  7. Some other great plugins I’m using:

    Bad Behavior – block spambots
    BotTracker – track bots and block bot hacks
    Spam Karma2 – the best blog spam blocker
    Comment Timeout – automatically close comments on old posts
    Comment Relish – Thanks a first-time commenter via email
    Live Comment Preview – previews the comment below the comment form as you type
    FireStats – a terrific stats package for the WP Admin panel, I also use it for country flags on comments
    CSS Compress – removes whitespace to lighten your stylesheet
    Date Exclusion – exclude dates for “timeless” content
    wp-cache – this classic will significantly increase average page load speed.
    Berri-PersonalizedCare – personalized welcome messages
    Genki Announcement – display announcements on your blog outside posts


  8. Thanks for the plugins! I must have downloaded a dozen or more. I’m a WP newbie… so let’s see how long it takes for me to install them!

  9. A great list, Jayson. I’m off to check out some of your recommendations now!

  10. Peter Blake

    I may have missed something simple but I can’t find your list of plugins. Could you point me in the right directions please?

  11. Admin

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  12. Connie

    I ended up here via Stumble Upon – have you updated the list or will you be?


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