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X-Ray Firefox Extension Updated for Firefox 3

X-Ray Firefox Plugin Did you ever wish you had X-Ray vision? I remember seeing the ads in comic books when I was a kid. Those evil advertisers – Cashing in on keyed up adolescent boys by suggesting that for a mere $1 they could sneak a peak at a shapely silhouette. Oddly enough, I was [...]

TinEye, The Search Engine With An Eye For Images

First introduced in May, Idée announced yesterday that TinEye, the revolutionary new image recognition & visual search engine is now in open beta. If you haven’t had a chance to mess around with TinEye yet, you owe it to yourself to head on over there and check it out. First impressions of the TinEye visual [...]

Choosing An Affordable Web Hosting Company In 2008

So what does it mean to be an affordable web hosting company in 2008? For most, it means you’re offering up to 10 times the bandwidth and server space hosts were offering 2 years ago. It also means that you’re probably offering a ton of value-added features like one click installs, free domains & advertising [...]

Vista Style Stock Icon Sets From Icons-Land [review]

Marking a year since the release of their first icon set (Vista Style Hardware Icons Set), announced this week the release of a newly updated version of the wildly popular Vista Style Transport Icon Set. Over the course of the last year the guys over at Icons-Land have been busy! The creative geniuses behind [...]

Establish A Design Process & Stop Runaway Projects

STOP! What do you mean you “..don’t have a design process..”? You just “…play it by ear..”, or “…go with the flow…”? With-out a clearly defined process your design project can quickly get out of hand – having you chasing around loose ends and uninformed client direction. That could get you into trouble, cost you [...]

Verizon Wireless’ Viral Video An Epic Fail or Imperfect Win?

Verizon Wireless Surprises Customer Okay – so I’m having a hard time deciding how to labeling this one. On the one hand there’s quite a bit of negative buzz being generated by viewers who recognized the video as staged (“victim” wearing a mic etc) and were offended at Verizon’s apparent attempt to dupe them. On [...]

Google Engineer Matt Cutts Exposes 5 Insider Secrets!! (satire)

Source: YouTube Here’s the skinny on the latest Google Secrets leak You want your site to rank really well for a particular phrase? Matt Cutts leaks 5 amazing tips to help you make it happen! I can’t believe these have gone public! 1. Use your targeted term on the page!! Tactical Breakdown: Step A) Decide [...]

Search Spotlight on 2008 Olympic Games

The 2008 Olympic Games are well under way now and the blogosphere and news channels are abuzz with Olympic-mania.  News of a violent murder tops today’s news, but there’s plenty of regular Olympic drama unfolding as well. What’s in the pipeline today? A Greek runner test positive and is excluded, some swimmer (Phelps) beats his [...]

Lorem Ipsum Generator Firefox Addon

The Lorem Ipsum Generator I posted about a couple of months back has been a pretty popular attraction. It’s especially interesting considering the generator I reference in the post is over 6 years old. The fact is, I don’t think I even realized how long the site had been around at the time I posted. [...]
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27 Great Color Scheme Tools, Generators & Resources

An effective color scheme is key to the success of any design project. When selected properly & used appropriately, colors can convey a message, invoke a feeling, or bring attention to areas of interest even before imagery or text is introduced to a design. The trick is understanding what to use and when to use [...]