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Microsoft ‘Buying Yahoo – A Tactic, Not A Strategy’

Microsoft struggles to convince analysts and investors it still has a plan – a solid strategy for building search market share. Most remain unconvinced.

I noted earlier this month that Microsoft, despite it’s varied and familiar tactics, has failed to gain market traction. Rather, Microsoft has gradually lost credibility and usage in the search marketplace over the last year and continues to lose market share every time we see new charts.

Despite launching the all new, bright & shiny Live search engine in 2006, which mimicked Google’s simplified search-centric style, introducing loads of changes & new features to their engine, and more recently paid to have the Live search toolbar integrated into HP PCs and even began paying people to search – Microsoft’s market share continues to deteriorate.

The possible acquisition of Yahoo was the first glimpse of hope that Microsoft might have a chance to truly compete with Google. Failure to acquire Yahoo leaves Microsoft’s search offering careening toward obsolescence. it would be best for them not to burn any bridges, leaving the door open for further talks.

However, the arrogance and ignorance of Microsoft was on full display today as Steve Ballmers declared that Microsoft is “Done with Yahoo” and dismissed them as a player in the search & advertising marketplace saying… “I think what we really still have in search and advertising is a two-horse race,” (referring to Microsoft and Google)

What do you think about Microsoft Search (Live)?

Is Microsoft a player in search?

What can they do to position themselves as a true competitor to Google?

Will Microsoft be able to buy their way into the competition?

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