1. For the American region, Google is by far the top dog of Search. The tipping point I think was when Google turned into a verb. Their technology is solid I am sure, but they know how to market their Engine. That is the real issue. They made a clean interface focused solely on search, where MSN tries to be a portal and Yahoo was a directory for a while and the main pages for these engines are too busy. So along comes Google with something different and superior technology to back it up and wha la; Google is taking over the world.

  2. Good points

    The focal points for the various engines becomes pretty obvious with a look at how the search engine hompages have changed over the years.

    Grant it, relevancy, speed and brand authority all come into play, but it’s pretty clear that the engines know what their individual strengths are. Google is clearly the search king.

  3. I prefer to use google the most. I get more of what I am looking for faster.
    Do you think MSN will continue to fall?

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