1. Manny

    “…so this is OBVIOUSLY meant to be satire…”

    Duh – ya think? LOL Pretty funny but i wish he was giving out real tips

  2. @ Matt Cutts Facts
    Hah! Okay now some of those are pretty funny – my fave is probably “When Matt was single he only dated women that were useful and informative.” – genius

    Oh these are “real tips”, only this is the kind of ‘real tips’ Matt has been giving out from the beginning

    It should be old news to anyone remotely involved in SEO, but I guess Google & Matt still do this kind of interview to engage the public.

    Sort of like a publicity stunt, or real life link bait. heh

  3. I’m just getting started with blogging and have learned some nice techniques from your site. Thanks!

  4. It’s funny how seo is simple in theory but very hard to achieve truely.

    I appreciate your sense of homor in this post but seriously there is no secret behind seo expect the “accepting competion involved”.


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