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Google Chrome: Open Source Browser From Google

In case you’ve been under a rock all week-end, and haven’t heard – Google ‘leaked’ some material outlining a lot of detail about their yet-to-be-unveiled open source web browser dubbed Chrome.

The official Google Blog post about Chrome indicates that the early release of the material was accidental and not intentional, but either way the channels have been abuzzing none-the-less.

The material in question is an informative comic (check out the Google Chrome comic here) which outlines a whole lot of detail about the new open source browser.

Basically the browser is a ‘ground up’ rethinking of the whole browsing experience. This ‘back to the drawing board’ effort allowed the Google engineers and think tank to craft a web browser with modern usability, safety features and speed in mind from the browser core architecture – rather than patching together a new browser using concepts whose roots are decades old.

Flipping the browsing tabs to be a central concept of browsing rather than a tacked on feature is interesting, and is indicative of some of the more ‘behind the scenes’ next gen building that went into crafting what appears to be a strong answer to Microsofts continuing disappointment in web standards compliance and notoriously poor security.

Update: Screenshot found…

Update: A really nice overview of Chrome’s features…
(thanks for the heads-up Andre77)

Google Chrome – An early look

More Screenshots of Google Chrome

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  • Tuesday September 02nd, 2008

    OMG!!!! I thought this was a big practical joke at first but now I seeing ti all over teh place!!!

    Here is a big post about it, even more infos

  • Tuesday September 02nd, 2008

    Finally another combatant in the browser wars. It’ll be a battle royale!

    Personally I’m quite happy with Mozilla, but then again I was happy searching with Yahoo! when Google came along.

    I think this will help tip the balances toward standards compliance for all browsers – at least it sets the bar higher.

  • Tuesday September 02nd, 2008

    thanks for the heads up on that article, I found a nice screenshot there (updated post above)

    “…I’m quite happy with Mozilla, but then again I was happy searching with Yahoo! when Google came along…”

    Wow isn’t that the truth. I also agree that this should help push others (especially IE) towards being truly standards complaint.

    I’m looking forward to the release, I mean just the idea of a Google designed and maintained browser has to send shivers up Microsoft’s back.

    Perhaps now we’ll see some serious changes in IE – for the better.

  • Tuesday September 02nd, 2008

    You can Download Google Chrome now – check it out – what do you think of it?

  • Tuesday September 02nd, 2008
    Big Wink

    Pretty slick so far. Still getting used to it.

  • Tuesday September 02nd, 2008

    Caught on video… Google Chrome shows ads but not any content !! Way 2 generate clicks!!! :)


  • Sunday September 07th, 2008

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  • Friday December 12th, 2008
    Google Chrome Board

    Mmmm… Google Chrome. Can’t ask for much more.

  • Saturday February 28th, 2009
    sarah harper

    I’ve used Chrome, it’s really fast browser and has alot of features.

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  • Friday August 07th, 2009
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    The Chrome’s browsing tabs are a refreshing upgrade from the one’s we’re used to. They also look more neat and organized than FF or IE.

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