Fat Boy Rides Again : 63 Miles on a Bike to Help Orphans & Troubled Teens

Tonight, Friday September 23, 2010 I’m riding a bicycle 100 kilometers across the southern Arizona desert from Tucson to Casa Grand – that’s around 63 miles for the metric-ally challenged :)

So why am I, a 280lb fat boy, going to get on a bicycle and trek 63 miles across the southern Arizona desert!? I’m raising money and awareness for a couple of really great programs that I believe in – check it out

The Causes

  • Tupelo Children’s Mansion (orphanage & teen crisis center)
  • Lighthouse Ranch for Boys (teen recovery house)
  • Spirit of Freedom Ministries (substance abuse recovery program)
  • see more details on each program below


I’m looking for your help! I’ll do all the hard work – riding 63 miles across the southern Arizona desert – all you need to do help me raise a little money, make a donation (any donation is welcome and appreciated) and cheer me on!


I’ve received sponsors from $1 to $150 – any amount is VERY MUCH appreciated!

Cheer Me on!

I’ll be checking in on Twitter & Facebook about every 10 miles or os. You can track my progress, cheer me on, mock me etc – I look forward it :)

More about the programs

These are some great programs that I really believe in and am proud to be a supporter of.

Tupelo Children’s Mansion

The dissolution of the traditional family has resulted in the shattering of many young lives. With many young people subject to the problems that a broken home produces, the Mansion provides a place of solace for those who have been abandoned and abused. For more information about Tupelo Children’s Mansion, please visit www.mansionkids.org.

Lighthouse Ranch for Boys

The purpose of Lighthouse Ranch is to heal the broken lives of young men. With love and care Lighthouse Ranch has helped steer troubled young men toward living responsible and mature lives. Visit www.lighthouseranch.com for more information.

Spirit of Freedom Ministries

This ministry is a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to reaching the chemically dependent and their families with the answer to their alcohol or drug-related problems, offering materials and toll-free phone lines to assist men, women, and children across North America who desire help. Log on to www.sofm.org for more information about the ways this ministry helps rescue families from the damaging effects of chemical dependency.

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