1. When I create a website or logo for my clients, I usually do the following:

    1. What my client want their clients to see/feel/think of
    2. Recap of what my client’s clients want
    3. Several Mockup
    4. Let them choose one of the Mockup and submit changes
    5. Improve the design and see if it projects the see/feel/think
    6. finalize, show to client
    7. final revision

    My latest post..Is 15 Years Difference Really His Problem?

  2. Nice – Thanks for sharing your logo design process!

    I’ve been following pretty much the same process, but never really formalized it. I like how Airey has his logo design process clearly posted so new clients know what the process is going to be like.

    I find myself repeating generally the same emails each time I take on a new project – I REALLY need to be more organized about it :)

  3. Laurel

    I’ll be honest. I’ve been railroaded into complying with client ideas much like the guy in the video.

    When I first started as a professional graphic designer I was a pretty soft spoken, petit young female designer who lacked confidence in myself and my work.

    It took me a while before I could stand up to ‘clueless clients’ and defend the design choices in their best interests.

    Sadly until then I let a few clients run the show and the work suffered for it. I still cringe when I see those pieces.

  4. @ Jacob Cass
    Not sure about the trackbacks issue, I’ve been playing a lot with my code and settings, so hopefully I’ve gotten it all set to work properly now.

    I like seeing the trackbacks and expanding the conversation out to other websites that mention one of my posts – thanks for the heads up, and for stopping by :)

    @ Laurel
    I’ve done the same thing before, I think it’s one of those common traps that a lot of new designers fall into.

    I did the same thing with SEO early on too, but there came a time when I finally felt confident enough to stand up & stop a client from sabotaging their own project.

    That IS why they hire an expert to begin with isn’t it? I mean the neighbors adolescent nephew armed with PhotoShop could slap together a logo, or put some titles on a few web pages, but the experience & expertise of a professional brings it to a whole other level.

  5. I have a great Design Process…But… I do get projects that grind to a halt because clients simply stop communicating. You email/call and follow-up to get their much needed feedback or approval and they are nowhere to be found. How do you rush them along to keep the project moving forward? I hate this because you never get the remaining payment unless the project concludes. Thanks for your advice.

  6. Make it easier for visitors to reach your home page easily and from any where in your site. Have clear headings for each paragraph ….. :)

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