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Download Google Chrome

It’s available! You can Download Google Chrome right now!

I announced late last night that Google had prematurely leaked their announcement of the new Google Chrome open source web browser, and now it’s available again for download. Download it, install it, and get started exploring one of the hottest products Google has ever developed.

Featuring fast, secure browsing, Google Gears enhanced features and standards compliant browsing – Google Chrome is going to be giving Internet Explorer developers nightmares before the week is over. Download it now and see for yourself why everyone is already raving about Google Chrome!

Google Chrome Download Screen

Google Chrome User Agreement

Google Chrome Download Process Screen Shot 1

Google Chrome Download Process Screen Shot 2

Google Chrome Browser Start Screen

Download Google Chrome

Happy Browsing!!

Update: Check out the ‘Story Behind Google Chrome’

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  • Tuesday September 02nd, 2008

    I have downloaded Google Chrome and even though I’m still in the “try out” phase, I like what I see so far. The lay out is nice and easy, very “user friendly.” As of now there is not a lot of “stuff” crowding the toolbar area, so the view window is nice and large (and I’m sure that can change as add-ons are offered). Even though there are a few little things that I’m sure Google (ie I had an issue with disappearing words when typing in a forum earlier) will work out, over all I like what I see.

  • Tuesday September 02nd, 2008

    hey Hun (Cheryl is Mrs AzAkers :P )

    Glad you found it and downloaded it! You’ll have to show e the bug you’re running into (RE disappearing text..?) I haven’t had any issues yet myself.

    I agree – I’m loving the clean, open feel.

  • Tuesday September 02nd, 2008

    What will Google make us next? An operating system? That would be sooo cool – Google OS I would so totally use it!

    This is so *CENSORED* cool – I can’t install it here at work (no admin rights or whatever) but I will DL it back at the dorm if my room mate lets me :P

  • Tuesday September 02nd, 2008

    Thanks for the update.

    I am really starting to enjoy Google Chrome and look forward to the updates and add-ons that will come in the future.

    My latest post..Happy Labor Day!

  • Friday October 03rd, 2008
    Tom Strader

    I’ve seen the same thing with disappearing words when posting in Google Chrome. Overall its super fast and clean. Think I’m gonna buy me some Google stock here soon. Now where did I put my grocery list?

    My latest post..10 Minute Mail

  • Monday November 10th, 2008

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    This is the first time i read your blog,i think i will come back soon ;)

  • Sunday June 28th, 2009
    Elite Activity

    I might have to try Chrome again. I used it for about 2 days, and just forgot about it. My main concerns are security and ease of navigation.

  • Saturday August 08th, 2009
    software news

    Nice post about Chrome. Would like to try it out; questions to ask are: is it more stable? Is it faster? And overall, is it better than IE and FireFox?

  • Friday October 23rd, 2009
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    That’s great! Google Chrome seems promising. Thanks for the info.

  • Sunday October 25th, 2009
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    I have not installed Chrome, but I have read and heard that it’s faster than IE and Firefox. But, as a reader has written before, security is my main concern.

  • Thursday January 07th, 2010
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    Does anyone know if Google Chrome supports CSS3? If so, I’m sold. I’m always a huge fan of open source software…just imagine the possibilities!

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