1. Very good and informative post! I have heard very good comments for BlueHost and HostGator. Several of my connections recommend them because they offer good features and options and just plain good web hosting providers.

    Choosing a Web hosting provider is a very important step in creating, maintaining or moving a website. You want a web hosting provider that is affordable, competitive, good benefits, A1 customer service and most importantly, easy to use dashboard. Having those 5 main core values in a hosting provider, to me, matters on which provider I choose. You want one that integrates easy to use dashboards so you can easily create/delete databases, domains, ect.

    I wish I would have seen this post a few weeks ago simply because having a quick review like this for several competitors is very important. Again, thanks for the post and all these selections seem to be very reputable.

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  2. Nice list and decent reviews – this site also has good web hosting comapny reviews

    Finding a web hosting company that offers more than your current plan shouldn’t be a problem – you’re currently getting practically nothing!

    Are you with A Small Orange? I see the banner in the footer.

  3. @ Matt
    Thanks! That looks promising. I run several websites and it might be a benefit to host them on servers with separate Class C IPs.

    @Web Hosting Reviews
    Yes I’m rocking A Small Orange (ASO) right now, and I know I’m getting a fraction of the space & bandwidth everyone is offering today.

    But these guys have been a great host – I hate change, and I like longer term relationships so changing isn’t an easy decision for me, but given the economy it’s quickly becoming a necessary one.

    Thanks for the link – I saw some of the user reviews & comments on there – that’s the kind of stuff I was looking for. Most of these guys are offering pretty much the same features, space & bandwidth options – I’m interested in more of the real experience & how the companies treat their customers – so thanks for including the link

  4. HI,

    Hosting Company serves as a pillar of a successful website of a particular company, So selection of it requires utmost importance.Here is one where you can get such details.


  5. kookimebux

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  6. For cheap web hosting, you should also look into Chimehost. They are currently offering unlimited space and bandwidth for only $4.95 per month.

  7. You could apply this to 09 as well. Your picks are still considered some of the best in the industury. And they are surviveing the money crunch so…

    Good pick then good pick now :)

  8. When creating a website, choosing a web hosting is very important. I think you should choose GoDaddy. It’s the best and cheapest web hosting I have ever known.

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  9. re: A Small orange

    Good support is surely the vitally important part of web hosting – if no one will speak to you when a site goes down, cheapness suddenly becomes a false economy, isn’t it?

  10. There are literally thousands of web hosting companies out there, scattered at every corner of World Wide Web. Today, even 10 years old could form a web hosting provider through a reseller plan. There is only one aspect that divides great web hosts for crappy ones, and this is the technical support that it is offered to the end users. If the response to the support tickets is fast, detailed and resolves the problem, then we have to do with a helpful personnel and a reliable web hosting firm. Secondly, the plans must be feature rich, with many characters and allowing even complex actions to be taken by the webmaster through the control panel of their web hosting account. Every server service must be updated to the latest version, security must be a priority and quality must always prevail quantity.

  11. I also recommend the earlier mentioned GoDaddy solution. I have been more than satisfied with their products so far.

  12. 1&1 Hosting is pretty good for that price range. I see that you’ve placed them in the lead in your test.

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