1. I would have to agree with your opinion and analysis. I’ve always been driven away from MSN and Yahoo Search Engines primarily because of their desire to have ‘so many irons in the fire’ and not a primary focus in search. Google is growing their offerings each day with wonderful gadgets and applications but still keep their strategy the same. They not only have the bets results but they keep ‘search’ fast, easy and simple. Google FTW!

  2. I agree with your analysis, but think the problem is two fold.

    1. On the point that you had made about cluttered home pages, I actually don’t mind the gossip on the homepage of MSN or the stocks on Yahoo!’s, but guess what… I am more invested in what is happening with additional content that I don’t search! This is how they make money and are taking me away from it!

    2. I tried to use MSN (Live search)and the results were so irrelevant that I stopped using it. I then tried Yahoo! to see if they were any better… not impressed. Google is successful because they deliver what I am looking for, bringing me back for more. I trust their results and made them my default search because I don’t have to comb through the results to find what I am searching for. (Basically I don’t want to have to think about it :P)

    If MSN and Yahoo!’s main goal is to have people perform searches to create more impressions for keywords so they can charge advertisers and make more money, then they need to stop frustrating me with irrelevant results and keep me focused on the goal of visiting a search engine in the first place… to perform a search.

  3. @Ben

    “I don’t have to comb through the results to find what I am searching for. (Basically I don’t want to have to think about it :P)”

    You’re absolutely right. The results in MSN are riddled with spam, and Yahoo peppers their natural results with nearly undetectable paid inclusions.

    Google’s results are simply better – in part because they are fully invested in search. They’re not spread across multiple primary channels – like content production/management, developing buggy operating systems – and their homepage is a great reflection of that singular focus.

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