1. Christoff

    Excellent list! I bookmarked this post – Nice to have it all in one place.

  2. WoW. Nice list! I will also bookmark this as I do all other really good resources.

  3. Chavo

    This is a nice collection. Thanks!

  4. @Christoff, @Chavo
    Glad you liked it, hope it helps out with your projects, thanks for bookmarking it!

    I haven’t used GIMP very much myself, but when I saw the set of backgrounds I thought it would be nice to include them (nice blog by the way, I’m a closet statistics fan, not unlike 23.76% of Americans :P)

    hey thanks for the digg & sphinn bud, hope these come in handy as you’re experimenting with Photoshop

    @deviant Backgrounds
    Love you deviants :P Some of my favorite brushes, shapes & background patterns have come from you guys

  5. annonymos

    awsome, bookmarked, great collection

  6. annonymos

    great collection, bookmarked

  7. ellen

    Wow very inspiring.

  8. This is a great tutorial. I see you used smart objects, is there any way to create the same results in Adobe Illustrator?I like to be able to save my pattern swatches. The offsets are sometimes a pain to match up. Although I suppose I can just use the Photoshop way as long as you keep your smart objects file but I love to have a vector version in Illustrator.

  9. Aihia

    Weeeh!!! So cute~

    This is great I’m sure to bookmark this page XD and cute patterns *___*

  10. Very good resource. I like the patterns by I think his name is SquidFingers or something. -Slumberg

  11. Thanks for the background patterns. They’re all cool. Don’t you think the ones with the skull are the most adorable ones?

  12. toojeep4u

    Thank you so very much for sharing… I love your patterns and backgrounds, absolutely gorgeous colors!

  13. waooo that a lot background
    thanks so much
    i will try to make some project

  14. white

    hey i dun seem able download the pat file. i am using photoshop7 here what is wrong.pls help !

  15. Awesome! I was looking for these! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much!

  16. Very nice collection. It just goes to show all the amazing things you can do using photoshop. How long did it take you to get so good at it?

  17. Great Post! I’m always looking for new backgrounds. Thanks for your help.

  18. Ines

    Very nice list, thanks a lot!

  19. Jay

    can the patterns for photoshop also be used in gimp or do u have to convert it

  20. Brandom

    Thanks for sharing the information related photoshop tutorial,Background patterns,tutorials,generator and more.Good collection of the photoshop background tutorial.

  21. Almost 500 Photoshop background, ready to use ! What can I say ? These resources are a mine of gold for any Photoshop beginner at not just for they. Thank you !

  22. iraisa

    awesome choice of patterns, thank you! – keep up the good work!

  23. Great site, but i wish the images would display. Seem something is wrong

  24. Hey, thanks for the heads up – images were hosted on an old installation of Gallery2 – some corruption in the database keeps me from getting full access, but I was able to restore image rendering with a little work. Hope the resources are useful for any of your projects :)

  25. yaekiong

    i like this collection . i want to know much as i can .. this so ususful for me

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