1. So actually you to look like coming to the same conclusion. The logo is just “new”. But it will soon be old. Right?

  2. Heh – yeah. With re-branding being such a hot trend these days, there is bound to be another opportunity to toss well-deserved critial hand grenades. I’ll be there, the voice of reason in the sea of critique – standing in defense of the underdog.

  3. I have mixed feelings about new logo. The typography of the wordmark is excellent. It has much less edginess and tension then the previous one. Slightly curved X’s add to the originality of the font. And the accusations of plagiarizing the new Kodak logo are far-fetched.
    But the ball… it is useless and ugly. How does the ball with a cross conveys a message that Xerox is not a document company anymore? The only thing it conveys is that the logo was made by Interbrand, the branding company strangely addicted to balls in logos (e.g. the AT&T redesign). Do they think that wrapping an old mark around the ball makes a new contemporary mark? And by the way, the wrapping seems to be wrong geometrically, as if the ball has some angles on its surface.
    Well, I miss the Big Red X too.

  4. Katy Wolfer

    I have a fondness for the old digitized X logo. I miss it already. I hope it comes back. I am really beginning to wonder if Xerox is a company worth working with. If they continue with decisions such as the one to approve their current logo, I wonder where they’ll be headed.

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