1. Nice list of random text generators – you should do a list like this for cool text generators for like myspace

  2. Fernando

    exactly is what I looking for

  3. Hah – I found another great Lorem Ipsum generator. This one produces a gransterized version of Lorem Ipsum – too funny heh.

    Gangster Lorem Ipsum

  4. Thanks for the gracious list of random text generators. It’s surely a great find for those searching for great versions of Lorem Ipsum like me. I have long been searching for text generators with useful markup tags inside. Thanks for sharing info, really!

  5. is there text generator that include li, blockquote, code, etc html tags?

  6. ~Meow! I’m all about fun ipsum, here is my new website to add to the list of ipsum to make your clients go awww! http://www.catnipsum.com Please let me know what you think XD

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