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15+ Dummy Text Generators & Filler Text Resources

Based on the amount of interest I’ve had in my Lorem Ipsum Generator post & Dummy Text Generator Firefox add-on review, I’ve discovered that there is a lot more interest in filler text or dummy text generators than I originally understood.

That being the case I set about to research, review and share some alternatives to the traditional Lorem Ipsum generator. I found that there are a lot of great alternatives to the standard lorem ipsum dummy text. Below I’ve reviewed and provided a quick overview of more than a dozen filler text related resources and generators.

1 Blind Text Generator

The Blind Text Generator tool is robust and feature rich providing user with a few unique features not seen on most other filler text generators. A number of languages to select from and options to indicate how many words/characters/paragraphs to render are just the beginning.

There are a bunch of ‘Advanced options’ which allow users to style their text. These changes are rendered on-the-fly, and the CSS is generated in addition to the filler text. Modify the font, font weight, height, color style, alignment, line height, column width and more!

2 Adhesion Text

Adhesion Text is a dynamic text generation tool that it allows you to introduce which characters you want included in your filler text.

You can select to have basic punctuation inserted randomly, forced sentence case(first letter of new sentence capitalized), or all upper case.

This filler text generator can render dummy text in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Cyrillic, Greek and Arabic!

3 Lorem Ipsum Info

This Lorem Ipsum generator offers a number of customizable options including parameters for the number of paragraphs or words to generate, inclusion of punctuation, and output in plain text or HTML.

In addition to standard lorem ipsum, this text generator can generate filler text in several languages including Spanish, Cyrillic, leet speak, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and believe it or not even Morse code.

4 Duck Island Greeking Machine

This is a fun little filler text option that offers some interestingly flavored dummy text including classic Latin, hillbilly, Matrix, marketing speak, metropolitain, pseudo German, and techno babble. Options are limited beyond that to outputting the rendered filler text in plain text or HTML format.

5 HintPlus Lorem Ipsum Alternate

This filler text tool is a simple alternative to standard lorem ipsum with only a few customizable options. Limited options include the number of words/paragraphs and the option to include an H1 header. If you’re looking for a simple, streamlined alternative, this might do the trick.

6 Malevole Dummy Text Generator

This is an extremely simple dummy text generator. It produces randomized English verbiage broken out into as many paragraphs as the user has indicated in the options. This is a really, really simple alternative to the same old Lorem Ipsum.

7 Lindquist Filler Text Generator

Another of the very simple filler text generators, the tool allows you to select how many sentences to produce and adds a ‘complexity’ option to the sentence, which randomizes and increases the amount of filler content generated.

In an interesting twist, besides Lorem Ipsum you can choose to generate random leet speak or content pulled from the Beatles songs or Shakespeare’s sonnets.

8 Cameron Creative Filler Text

Cameron Creative has this interesting filler text page with easy to copy & past bodies of pre generated filler copy. In addition to standard Lorem Ipsum, some of the interesting flavors of filler text available at Cameron Creative include Gibberish (techno speak/corporate babble), fake binary code (0011101001001110), and postmodern gibberish (“..Bataille’s analysis of predialectic objectivism holds that culture is used in the service of archaic, sexist perceptions of art…”)

9 Perbang Lorem Ipsum Generator

This little gem out of Denmark generates lorem ipsum filler text customizable by a number of options to make the output more like real world content.

These options include selection of the number of words, sentence or paragraphs, the relative length of sentences, and paragraphs, and the ability to render the filler text as a lit or in HTML body format.

10 TypeTester Filler Text & CSS Tool

TypeTester is really more of a CSS style generator, but it generates styled filler text (lorem ipsum). Compare various styles, make changes to the fonts, sizes, colors and other settings and watch the changes take effect on the fly.

This is a great tool for when you need a body of filler text, but also want to explore some creative ways to display this text after it’s rendered.

11 Random Text Generator

This is a really simple gibberish generator rendering faux text in English, Latin, Greek, German, French, Spanish, Italian Dutch and more! With limited settings it’s nice for a change, but not very robust.

12 Filler Text Dot Com provides a really, really simple filler copy generator. The number of characters, words or paragraphs is determined by a dynamic slider bar. The generated filler text is automatically copies into your clipboard on-the-fly. This is another very simple alternative to the more robust tools discussed.

13 Lipsum Lorem Ipsum Generator

I’ve talked at length about this generator which is probably the most popular tool, and definitely the most linked to tool I see around the web.

It’s a very simple yet valuable tool and the site itself provides quite a bit of interesting information about the origins, history and changes to the lorem ipsum dummy text over the years.

14 Dummy Text Generator Add-on for Firefox

I posted about the Dummy Text Generator for Firefox on August 8th – Using Lorem Ipsum rendered from, this Firefox add-on allows you to generate place holder content on the fly from any page on the internet.

With a few mouse clicks you can generate dozens of paragraphs of lorem ipsum dummy text including punctuation and sentence break capitalization for more of a real world feel to the generated content.

15 Wikipedia on Lorem Ipsum Filler Text

“Where text is visible in a document, people tend to focus on the textual content rather than upon overall presentation, so publishers use lorem ipsum when displaying a typeface or design in order to direct the focus to presentation.”

Some Additional Filler Text & Dummy Test Tools

Here are a few tools that didn’t make our reviewed list of resources, but may still come in handy in the right situation or for the right project.
A Quick-n-dirty lorem ispum generator whose only option is to regulate the number of words generated.
Not a generator as much as a pre-formated block of Lorem Ipsum tossed on a web page with a pretty clean template.
Simple Lorem Ipsum generator with control over the number of characters, words or paragraphs.

MediaZeal Lorem Ipsum Generator Script
Although this is a really, really simple dummy content generator, I included it since you can actually copy the tools code and post it on your own site.

So there you have it!

Okay, so there you have it – a nice range of dummy text / filler text generation tool at your disposal. Hope these help with your projects – Enjoy!

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  • Tuesday August 26th, 2008
    Glow Text Generator

    Nice list of random text generators – you should do a list like this for cool text generators for like myspace

  • Thursday August 28th, 2008

    exactly is what I looking for

  • Sunday September 07th, 2008

    Hah – I found another great Lorem Ipsum generator. This one produces a gransterized version of Lorem Ipsum – too funny heh.

    Gangster Lorem Ipsum

  • Thursday December 04th, 2008

    You can also try my random text generator which has some cool options.

  • Thursday January 01st, 2009

    You forgot this one:

    I found it pretty useful, especially because it renders html markup tags inside lorem ipsum!

  • Wednesday March 11th, 2009

    you forgot
    it’s my favourite, just the right amount of features, and simple to use.

  • Wednesday April 08th, 2009
    Am Anfang war… der Blindtext

    [...] Eine sehr schöne Sammlung von individuellen Textgeneratoren findet man unter: [...]

  • Sunday August 09th, 2009
    about myself

    Thanks for the gracious list of random text generators. It’s surely a great find for those searching for great versions of Lorem Ipsum like me. I have long been searching for text generators with useful markup tags inside. Thanks for sharing info, really!

  • Friday September 17th, 2010

    is there text generator that include li, blockquote, code, etc html tags?

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    Distributor sales tracking

    Nice to see these many random text generators. Very useful information and nice that you have shared them.


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    Thanks for mentioning my site. I have added some features in the meantime–and the url changed, it’s now.

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