1. Thank you for another great resource list! I must agree with one of your statements, “While I couldn’t live with-out Firebug from a web design/development perspective, I find it’s also quite useful for SEO.”
    I find that most of my web development plug-ins work hand and hand with my SEO plug-ins and use them to find basic SEO elements that are commonly overlook/missed.

    Just wanted to add one more plug-in:

    SEOpen 0.8 – Allows you to check Google, Yahoo and MSN backlinks, check DMOZ, check Whois, and check for Robots.txt file, QUICK and Easy!

  2. I’ve used SEOpen before – Excellent plug-in, unfortunately it’s one of those great plug-ins that hasn’t yet been updated for Firefox 3.

    I wonder whats holding these guys up? I know that the updated X-Ray plug-in was submitted immediately after the 3.0 release, not sure why it’s not been reviewed & approved by now – but I’m looking forward to it!

  3. Great list !
    I am using seo quake as i got maximum backlinks from digg, del.icio.us and stumble so this is very very helpful to me. I will use other plugin also as i was not aware of that. I am stumbling it here http://lindsayhogan.stumbleupon.com/ and share it with my all seo group at stumble.

  4. Nice list! I couldn’t live without the Web Dev extension. The others also are quite useful. I’m glad you put this list together – there are a lot of useless extensions, gadgets and whatsits for SEO, so this is a big help. What else do you have up your sleeve?

  5. GCN

    Wow, thanks! These look great. Finally getting a solid clue about SEO… so, let’s see if any of these goodies give me a hand.

  6. thank your for sharing nice information related to SEO Tool all tools are use-full in term of SEO.

  7. Thanks for the headsup on the SEO For Firefox extension. I’m hoping it’s safer than SEO Quake; it really needs to be rammed home that Quake interrogates Google just a little too much then Google would like, and this can lead to a temporary IP block. It really, really needs to be operated under a proxy by default and I hope they’ll bring this under consideration in a future version.

  8. This is a useful list thankyou – I’ve discovered a couple of new toys.

    I’m a big fan of SEOBook but have to say I’ve had problems with the Firefox addons from Aaron’s site on more than one occasion – they don’t always function as they should on certain machines, which is a shame, because when they work they are very useful.

  9. Thanks for this great SEO post. I’ve just bookmarked it in Delicious. I am sure I will reference it again. :)

  10. Interesting list, however some recent reviews for SEO Quake seem to think that Google bans them from using Google temporarily.

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